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    2013年06月10日 13:54

    Describe a school you attended when you were a child. 

    Key points: Kindergarten, many children, kind teacher, learn. 

    Alright,【口語表達方式】 I’d like to tell you about 【比較自然的溝通方式】the kindergarten I attended when I was like 3 or 4 years old. Actually at my first day in that school, I was a little terrified coz 【口語用詞】at the time I was a bit shy and quite clingy to my mum. It took her a great effort to persuade me into the kindergarten.【比較鮮活的細節描述】 Believe it or not, it was a nice place, with a two-storey building and a pretty little courtyard, which is an ideal spot for the kids to do some exercise. 

    Anyway, my mum led me into a class on the second floor. There were two teachers and about 20 kids in that room, and the short-haired teacher looked me into the eyes, with a really kind smile on her face. I used to be quite intimidated by strangers, but seeing this teacher made me feel quite at ease, 【詳細的心理活動敘述也有助于使整體表述更加立體和生動】coz, you know, she was such a nice lady, and I liked her immediately. Who wouldn’t? 【反問的形式】So luckily my mum didn’t go through a lot of trouble to let me settle down in that class. 

    After that, everything went on pretty well. I was fortunate enough to have a great time in that kindergarten until my entrance to the primary school. Of course, we learned some basic skills of Chinese, Math, music or even painting 【細節】in that kindergarten. But more importantly,【連接詞,使單個句子之間更有邏輯性】 it was the first time that I get into the society, hang out with others of my age, and receive the loving nurture from those kind teachers. So every time I think about this school, it could always bring back good memories. 

    如上所述,在所表述的內容之中加入自己的觀點、看法、細節和連接詞,既有助于擴展講話的時間,又能夠使2分鐘的論述更加具體、有條理和有實際的內容。除此之外,考生在回憶比較簡單的細節信息的時候往往能夠更流利地用語言表達出所要講述的內容,這樣可以使part 2部分的表現更加出色。
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